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AS usual here is a post of videos of records i played for the monthly mix, this month being the House Music edition

Voodoo Ray..


Rich In Paradise(Vocal)


Break 4 Love..

Video alert…

Posted: 28 Jun 2015 in Videos
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A couple of vids of joints that i played on my recent mixtape

R.I.P. PH..

A few videos of them Club/House classics that i played on my May Mixtape

The video pretty much says it all. Regardless, shout out to the pioneers Flash and The Furious 5…

Vid alert…

Posted: 19 Apr 2015 in Videos
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My usual post-up of videos of joints I play on my mixtapes. This one is off my April mix, which you can check out HERE

80’s mix (Video)

Posted: 12 Jan 2015 in DJ Mix, Videos
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80’s R&B/Pop-Dance mix done smoothly by one of my favorite video DJ’s Corazonazultw..

Don’t sleep on them Madchild joints, ya’ll.. Mix can be found HERE

A few vids off this month’s mixtape..

A few vids off this month’s mixtape.

March Mixtape coming next weekend..

..Singing the classic “You’ll Never Find Another Love”. Too bad we only got a shitty audio/video of it, but you can check out this track on my ‘February Mixtape’ that i’ll be dropping tomorrow.

Live Performance

TKA had a whole catalog of classic joints..This is one of my favorite ones.

I continue to post up classic Freestyle joints in preparation for the upcoming Valentine’s Day mix

Doing the Freestyle classic “Give me back my heart”…

Stevie B (Steven Bernard Hill) is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer who was influential in the Latin freestyle and High-Energy, mostly from Miami dance music scene of the late 1980s. Also known as the King of Freestyle, Stevie B is perhaps best-known for his 1990 number-one hit “Because I Love You (The Postman Song).”

Born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Stevie B worked a variety of jobs—from car washing to fast food—before gaining recognition for his 1987 national club smash “Party Your Body”. It was also the title track of his 1988 debut LP, which eventually went gold. In 1989, he had his first top 40 hits with “I Wanna Be the One,” “In My Eyes,” and “Love Me For Life.” With his 1990 album, Love & Emotion, he reached the height of his success, with the accompanying single “Because I Love You” enjoying four weeks at number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in December 1990. He had two subsequent top 15 hits with “I’ll Be by Your Side” and the title cut. In 1998, The Best of Stevie B was released, highlighting the light dance-pop sound that marked the start of his career.

I figured i’d post this clip on the Latin Freestyle music scene from the mid 80’s to late 90’s before i drop my upcoming ‘Freestyle’ mix on Feb. 15th. Enjoy!

New Prince Po.. Listen closely.

Hip-Hop at Harvard (Video)

Posted: 14 Jan 2014 in Videos
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Via GG

Featuring Akrobatik and Nas..

Settin’ off 2014 with some food for thought, listen carefully… On another note, stay tuned for the January mixtape coming soon.