Pumpkinhead and Hip Hop’s birthplace get honored…

Not only does Hip Hop’s birthplace @ 1520 Sedgwick Ave. gets re-named Hip Hop Boulevard, but the late, great Pumpkinhead aka PH aka Robert Diaz was also honored with his own street name in Brooklyn by the Mayor. Here’s a video tribute/salute to both ‘hoods… The Boogie Down Salute: R.I.P. PH/Salute BK:

R.I.P. Pumpkinhead

Don’t know much details but i’m just now hearing this news and my heart kinda dropped. I don’t know the brother Pumpkinhead personally, but he was a very big part of why i loved the so-called “underground” independent Hip-Hop scene as well as the battle rap scene. In memory of him, here’s a classic Poops […]