A master plan for gentrifying El Barrio, NYC…

Via Mayor Bill De Blasio and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito have betrayed El Barrio. Under the cover of “creating affordable housing,” they are planning to stuff tens of thousands of new luxury housing residents into El Barrio, NYC. At the same time, they are zoning the more “glamorous” areas of El Barrio, so […]

This is where our (Puerto Rico) “Commonwealth” relationship to the US has gotten us: a dictatorship in the Caribbean, owned and operated from Wall Street, all disguised as a “management assistance board”

An analysis by Nelson A. Denis on the “new” Financial Control Board bill… A new Caribbean dictatorship will soon take charge of Puerto Rico. The final PROMESA bill finally arrived…and it is the WORST one of all. After five months of “hearings” and “analysis,” the US Congress announced HR 5278…the law which will officially kill […]