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Mark Fiore back with another funny Trump ‘toon

Truth through cartoons via Mark Fiore

Well, I guess the Republicans are done saying that Trump is just a novelty who will fade once the voting starts. Many candidates tolerated Donald Trump and tried to “rise above” his awful statements by pretending he wasn’t a serious threat. Remember when Ted Cruz called Trump “terrific” and said, “I think he speaks the truth?” Cruz isn’t saying that anymore.

If the Republican establishment wants to block The Donald, they better think of another plan besides pushing a candidate who has won just one state and whose cutting edge campaign tactic is resorting to dick jokes. The Republican Party has created a beast they can’t control. I’m not talking about Donald Trump, I’m talking about the people who are supporting him and voting for him. Funny how years of
trafficking in veiled and not-so-veiled hate, racism and fear can actually come back and destroy your party.

I hope this is just a traumatic upheaval in the Republican Party and not one that makes it all the way to the White House. (Tactically, it’s probably the best thing for Hillary and the Democratic Party, but this resurgent demagoguery makes me nervous as hell.) Enjoy the cartoon and if you haven’t already, please become a Patron– you can help support political animation, go behind-the-scenes and snatch up prints, originals and other goodies!