Crazy Like That Glue: The Craig Mack Story (Video)

Craig Mack’s story began in 1988 when he was part of a group called MC EZ and Troup. The Craig Mack story is just as important, or may actually be more important, than Notorious B.I.G’s; it all depends on your perception. One thing is clear, if it wasn’t for the song “Flava In Ya Ear”, Bad Boy Entertainment beginnings may have been a whole lot different.. Written and Produced by James Billings…

Back in the House (Video)

This trailer is a bit of a look back at the NY House Music scene in the mid 90’s. It gets a little crazy towards the end, but it is House Music lol. I’ll be posting up more documentaries and videos this week on what i feel is a under-appreciated and pretty much forgotten part (in my view anyway) of the music scene here in the Rotten Apple. Also, look out for my ‘Classic House Mix’ coming sometime this weekend. I’ll definitely be playing a lot of the music from the record labels featured in this documentary (Nervous, Strictly Rhythm).

Arundhati Roy – We (Video)

We is a fast-paced 64 minute documentary that covers the world politics of power, war, corporations, deception and exploitation.

It visualizes the words of Arundhati Roy, specifically her famous Come September speech, where she spoke on such things as the war on terror, corporate globalization, justice and the growing civil unrest.
It’s witty, moving, alarming and quite a lesson in modern history.

We is almost in the style of a continuous music video. The music used sets the pace and serves as wonderful background for the words of Ms. Roy and images of humanity in the world we live all in today.

Pump Up The Volume: The history of House Music (Video)

This is a great documentary released in 2001 with a lot of features from the DJ’s and producers who made the scene what it was. If you’re into House/Club music and have not seen this yet I suggest you make some time for it. One of the reasons I’m also posting this is because for my next month’s mixtape (May Mixtape) I’ll be doing a special House/Club mix in which I’ll be playing not only the great House records but a lotta the Freestyle classics I grew up on (Cynthia, Judy Torres, Tiana, Rios Sisters), so stay tuned for that…