“American Made isn’t really about Barry Seal… it’s about Doug Liman and Tom Cruise. The American people will have to wait a little longer for a serious treatment of the Barry Seal story”

Via Mad Cow… A new movie coming out in four weeks attempts to pull off a feat no other biopic from a major Hollywood studio ever has… Called “American Made” and starring Tom Cruise as drug smuggler Barry Seal, the upcoming release has airbrushed out the very things that made its main character famous to […]

How Barry Seal was introduced to the Medellin Cartel (Video)

“WHEN ROGER MET BARRY” Roger Reaves grew up a poor farm boy in Georgia and went from making ‘moonshine’ to becoming one of the most prolific smugglers of the 20th century. He covered six continents, transporting 20 ton ship loads of hash, tons of cocaine, and completed more than 100 sorties across the US border […]

The ‘Zapruder Film’ of the war on drugs (Video)

Via MC… Most people have already heard something about the assassination of Barry Seal, gunned down in cold blood in Baton Rouge Louisiana in 1986, supposedly for ratting out the head of the Medellin Cartel, Pablo Escobar. But that’s not what happened. And it’s one place where the big lies of the war on drugs lie […]