R.I.P. Pumpkinhead


Don’t know much details but i’m just now hearing this news and my heart kinda dropped. I don’t know the brother Pumpkinhead personally, but he was a very big part of why i loved the so-called “underground” independent Hip-Hop scene as well as the battle rap scene. In memory of him, here’s a classic Poops & Pumpkinhead freestyle on the legendary Stretch & Bobbito radio show and also a bonus cut of one of my favorite Pumpkinhead joints...

Rest In Power

Non Phixion talks reunion…


So, here’s the scene…2,000-strong are packed into the Best Buy Theater in Times Square for Cypress Hill’s annual Haunted Hill shindig to put it in the air for one of the strongest top-to-bottom hip hop line-ups in New York City in a long, long time: Cypress Hill with Vinnie Paz, Immortal Technique, and La Coka Nostra. Vinnie kills it! Immortal tears it up, and La Coka blows the place up for 20 or so minutes. Then—unbeknownst to the heads in attendance, and just moments after emcee extraordinaire ILL BILL asks the crowd if they’ve got love for the storied and sadly defunct outfit Non Phixion (whose material LCN regularly performs)—as if shot from a cannon, all four original members of the city’s own Non Phixion explode from the wings and burst into their classic joint “Rock Stars.” Sabac Red, DJ Eclipse, Goretex, and ILL BILL are back, and apparently, it’s for real.

Long gone seems the beef with Goretex that broke the fellas up a decade or so ago, and the mighty NP are on fire as if they’d never left. They rock “The C.I.A. is Trying to Kill Me,” “Black Helicopters,” and ‘If You Got Love” with passion and fire-spitting precision, and those who know, of which there were many, are equal parts stunned and satisfied. And just as they entered the stage, they leave in a veil of semi-mystery. However, in speaking with the group members, they are in-fact all the way back and have plans for the future.

DJ Eclipse says, “This has been in the works behind the scenes for a minute, but the performance was the official start of a new beginning. We’ve been planning this show for well over a year now and hoping that the response would be what it is. The feedback is already crazy and people really seem excited to hear we’ve regrouped and they will get a chance to see us perform. As far as a new album, I think that’s somewhere in the near future, but for the immediate, we want to get back out on stage and give the people what they’ve been asking for the last 10 years.” ILL BILL added, “Next year marks the 20th anniversary of Non Phixion, so we thought it would be dope to do something in 2015 for ourselves and all the people that love what we do. Timing is everything and all four of us agree that it’s time for the return of Non Phixion. It feels great to let the cat out of the bag.”

So, now that the cat is out of the bag, it looks like one of the most beloved collectives to ever bless microphones and turntables is set to shock the system once again. Probably the most consistent thing coming from fans’ mouths after the surprise performance was that “hip hop needs this right now,” and by that, one can only surmise they were referring to Non Phixion’s uncanny ability to blend true, New York-flavored hip hop with lyrics that’ll make your head spin and keep the brain working overtime.

There’s no need to shit on much of the current crop of rap “artists” in the mix these days; Non Phixion will do that simply by doing their thing, and their history speaks for itself. Goretex interjects, “It’s very rare that a group at the height of their fame and legacy pull the plug on itself. It’s even more rare when a force reappears that’s 10 times stronger than what it once was. I’ve always compared my experience in Non Phixion to working with a highly experimental terror cell. We’ve had a never-ending supply of targets to hit, and over the years, I was able to observe the impact Non Phixion has had on a lot of people. There’s people buried in the ground holding our album, so the impact we’ve had translates to a higher power. We are guided by the source, both positive and negative. The journey has just begun.”