Meaning behind some of the words and sayings from the Stretch & Bobbito show (Video)

‘Hoppo’. ‘Honolulu’. ‘Bananas’. ‘A taste of cadbury’. *’89 Tek 9′. Only if you were a loyal listener of the Stretch & Bobbito 90’s radio show will you get these terms… *The frequency that the show was located on was 89.9, thus >> 89Tek9

Stretch And Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives (Cassette Tape 3/94)

Finally got the chance to watch the documentary last Friday up in Harlem and i’m glad i did. Brought back lotta memories of staying up Thursday nights taping all of the madness that Stretch & Bobbito were serving. After the show they had a bit of a Q&A with one of the producers (Omar Acosta) […]