March Mixtape 2016 (House Music Edition)


A little break from the rappity-raps this month to bring you some of that classic House music I grew up on. I’m dedicating this one to the classic Tunnel/Sound Factory days of the late 80’s & early 90’s. Just playing these records again makes one realize how raw and pure the sound was back then, something we’ll never have back. On a post-note though, the last 2 records i played have a more updated sound (yet still raw) as Inner City is a re-work and the Just Blaze joint, i believe, dropped a couple years ago. Play and enjoy…

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DJ Roman Ricardo – 1018 Mix

I remember staying up Saturday nights to record the all-nite House Music jam on Hot 97 w/ DJ Roman Ricardo back in the late 80’s, when the station was nothing but Dance music. If i’m not mistaken i think he used to rock at The Tunnel nite-club those days. Here’s a 30 minute mix i found to show you young kiddies how New York got down back then. Also, i’ll be posting up my own House Mix sometime tomorrow so stay tuned for that!