“Get money, pop champagne, drive a million dollar sports car, make it rain, slap a stripper ass, sell cocaine, get paid and all that bullshit a rapper say”

P. So The Earth Tone King drops some jewels on the B- side off the ‘Kill My High’ single..Well done, sir.

Seen @ KN

DJ Premier interview…

The interview is over at L&T. Here’s a tidbit of it…

L+T: I don’t trust hearsay, so I will just ask – is it true that you’re actually working on an album with Nas this year or is that a rumor?

DJ Premier: This is what Nas told me recently and every time that we talk this is what he tells me; he says, “Look, I got another new album I got to do on Def Jam and then my contract is over. I’d rather do your album…that’s because we can do whatever we want. There’s no strings. We can just rock out.” Everybody’s like, “When are ya’ll gonna do an album?” I’m not rushing it and I have other things to do. I don’t even take it personal when he’s like, “Yo, I’m working this first.” Whenever he says that he’s ready, I’m going in. So, that was always my way of looking at it. I never looked at it no other way. I ain’t trippin.’

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