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LiKWUiD & 2 Hungry Bros. Ft. DJ Evil Dee – Illfayted (Video)

New video off of last year’s Fay Grim LP, via Hipnott Records YT page

In Celebration of National DJ Day, we release this video to give a shout out to DJs across the globe who love the feel, sound and nostalgic energy of vinyl.

In the dark future music is confined by the digital age and a shortage of quality tunes, vinyl is now a rare luxury. Follow our music lover (Deep) on the search for his next fix. Watch his journey thru a series of gatekeepers (Ben Boogz, Pso, LiKWUiD) before ultimately meeting the Boss (DJ Evil Dee). National DJ Day is celebrated every January 20, and was founded to recognize Moondog aka Albert James Freed.

Special Thank You to DJ Evil Dee, Pedro and 85 Deli Mini Market in Inwood.

C-Rayz Walz – The Sans Of T.I.M.E. (Video)

New music from the NYC veteran/mainstay emcee

In The Age Where Biting, Snitching, Selling Your Soul & Backstabbing Your “People” Is The Trend of The Planet.
To All Rappers & Aspiring Mc’s with Plans to Enter This Culture That Protect & Respect. My Advice is #KillYaself RIGHT NOW!
All of my Friends Agree.

We have opportunities in life that are “origin” points of singularity (they will never happen again). And we have “ending” points of singularity (which are the end of those opportunities).
The Good Life is only yours if you can seize those “opportunity” singular moments in time – those quickly passing moments of opportunity that most people miss without even realizing.
Do not hesitate or procrastinate when you see an opportunity because time stops for no one.
We Are In The Days of “THE SANS OF T.I.M.E.”
Or “The Absence Of The.Inner.Minds.Eye.”

But it seems we can reach up and adjust our fate just a little more than most people realize…If We Choose The Path Of Truth.

My Whole Hood red
They On That Daniel Stuff
The Man You Trust
Trying to Hand You Dust
Scratch Ya Head on some Dandruff Rust
Thet Scrambled Love
& In Those Brand New Cuffs
We Could Do The Same Old New Thing
But We
We’d Rather Hand You Us