Speak on it, Ethex…

Reblog from March 2014, from the brother Ethex..

The Underground Movement w/ DJ Blendz


Brother Ethex with a few powerful words on the painful disease Sickle-Cell Anemia (Peace to Prodigy and ALL survivors). I’ve posted another article by Ethex (thru MWIV) in which he gave some strong views on Hip-Hop and just life basically, so check that out. I’m gonna try and see if i can get a full interview with him sometime soon because i feel he has a lot on his mind that i feel should be shared with the world. Anyway here’s Brother Ethex and his thoughts…

I hope you feel the lyrics
W I type 2words a minute
so if (cliches aside) one
individual is moved by
A Relatively Silent Killer
That wreaks havoc (no pun,if u get ull get.) Upon
The individual, the family, the medical profession.
Basicly your cells take
on the form of a Sickle. Anyone that knows…

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