“When leaders are lost to us or compromised”…

Posted: 18 Apr 2016 in Music News
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Some wise words from X-Clan’s Brother J via IG

When leaders (conduits) are lost to us or compromised , it is up to the students to extract the positive and continue the “movement of the torch.. When Malcolm was killed who continued his efforts , when Marcus Garvey was demoted in the community and socially exiled who continued the effort of the Black Star liner or uniting African business. Or even with 2pac’s death who continued the intention/process of refining street life.. who followed Dr. Mutulu Shakur s acupuncture blueprint to heal drug abusers and improve community health when he was imprisoned.. Dr York, Mumia , Asataa, I could go on.. Blackwatch movement Salutes the Universal Zulu Nation for helping to create positive influence in Hip Hop.. It is time for the chief/kings and soldiers of that movement.. to build a fortress around what u hv done over the years .. Gv Devils no room to divide and conquer.. Movements are the missing enzyme to this Thug lifestyle .. Which either kills u or imprisons U.. Don’t stop the original intention of Unity & deprogramming .. No matter what the negative is .. Improve past the shortcoming and come stronger.

Speak your piece..

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