Hip Hop DJ lecture at The New School w/ DJ Rob Swift & Grand Wizard Theodore (Video)

Via Rob Swift

I don’t share my knowledge of the history of Hip Hop to bring attention to myself. On the contrary, I do so to bring attention to the unsung pioneers of this culture. Those who fathered the very techniques DJs such as myself have gone on to making a living off. My peers and I owe them a debt of gratitude. For if not for them, we wouldn’t be paying our mortgages or putting food on the table.

Two weeks ago today, on September 30th, my New School students and I had the esteemed honor of breathing the same air as the inimitable GrandWizzard Theodore as he lectured us on the origins of Hip Hop DJing. Thanks to the good folk at The New School, BeeShine and Battle Sounds, I present to you our lecture with GW Theodore.

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