Sadat X on the NY club scene back in the 80’s…

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Sadat X: There was a time I used to go to parties, in order for you to even have on a chain you had to be a made dude, ‘cos someone would take it from you! I came up in an era where if you went to a party you’d get your chain taken if you wasn’t strong enough to keep it. First of all, for you to even go to those places, you knew that you were taking a risk. That’s when hip-hop wasn’t really safe. It was so exciting that you would risk going to Latin Quarters and Union Square – where you knew there would be four or five fights in there – but you wanted to be there so bad that you went to these spots. That was like hip-hop gladiator school – that’s where you went to test yourself. If you could withstand being in those places, then you felt like you had a badge of courage, because you got to see real live shows in a real live hip-hop spot. Back then didn’t go to no hip-hop show by yourself. That really wasn’t advisable. You went with about two or three people from your hood – at least that amount! We might go 25, 30 deep, especially if you planned on wearing jewelry or having on anything fly. I’ve seen people have get their coats taken, I’ve done seen people get their sneakers taken – where somebody tells you, ‘Take those off!’ Cazel glasses were a big item to take back then. That’s how it was.

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