Somethin’ new outta Chicago. Pretty dope…

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May Mixtape (2019)

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My latest batch of mixtape cookies. Holla at me (or just click on my Paypal Ebay page on the side) if you want this mix on custom flash drive…

agallah – almighty 7
madhattan – unordinary love song
blu & exile – true and livin’
crimeapple & dj skizz – skeleton key
diabolic & vanderslice – normalize
ghost & rza – on my sh*t again
aquasocks – marsha ambrosius
erick sermon – cabinet
dj gumba ft. erick sermon – give it to ’em
recognize ali – bandana p
your old droog – tried by 13
conway – ahmed johnson
tha god fahim ft. mach hommy – b7
the soloist & moicano beats – little boy blue
clever 1 & giallo point – yellow brick wall
nolan the ninja ft. a minus – gems
agallah – scene 1 the torture
nas & mayfield – underground thief
wsg ft. benny – lotto
tha god fahim – window of souls
rob cave & the other guys – ditc

Nems calls out the gahbage, of which there is plenty of nowadays (except here of course) lol…

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Sez Lex718:

“I was feeling a little unproductive. I have a lot of beats in the stash. My loss is your gain.. CHALLAH!!!!!”

From Illa’s latest project “The Whole Half Of It”…

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“It’s been a long time”(c)Rakim LOL

Here’s some brand new Twins & Alchemist visuals…

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Photo Credit: Christopher Wade

Live version of one of 2018’s best cuts

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Whenever Blu & Exile get together on a project you know it’s gonna be special. Their chemistry is undeniable…

Cool. Mid 80’s Pop/Rock mix via

Robert Palmer – I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On (Extended Dance Mix)
Phil Collins – Sussudio (Extended Mix)
Teena Marie – Lovergirl (Special 12″ Dance Mix)
Sting – If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (“Jellybean” Dance Mix)
Steve Winwood – The Finer Things (12″ Remix)
Pat Benatar – Invincible (Theme From “The Legend Of Billie Jean”)(Extended Version)
Stevie Nicks – I Can’t Wait (Extended Mix)
Cutting Crew – (I Just) Died In Your Arms (Remix)
Philip Bailey (Duet With Phil Collins) – Easy Lover (Extended Dance Remix)
Genesis – Invisible Touch (Special Remix Version)
Tina Turner – Steamy Windows (12″ Vocal Mix)
Elton John – I Don’t Wanna Go On With You Like That (The Shep Pettibone Mix)

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Good write-up on the history of pause tapes. Here’s an excerpt…

A good pause button and a vivid imagination were all young hip-hop enthusiasts needed to create something out of their sense of wonder. Using a boombox or stereo with dual cassette decks, aspiring DJs and producers would play and record a sample from another tape or record, pausing the tape once the sample had finished its rotation. They would then rewind to the beginning of the sample and un-pause the tape, starting the process again and extending the sampled loop for several minutes.

Although pause tapes used a different form of music media than early hip-hop DJs who relied on turntables and vinyl records, Miles Davis and Alicia Keys collaborator Easy Mo Bee believes 1970s block parties were instrumental in the genesis of early pause tapes. “The two turntables got us thinking and made us wonder,” he says. And this pioneering production technique came about well before early samplers like the Akai S-900 or E-mu SP-12 existed, something 32-year production veteran 45 King can attest to. Known for enduring classics like Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock Life,” “The 900 Number” and Eminem’s “Stan,” he remembers recording pause tapes as early as 1975 – four years prior to the first “official” rap record, “King Tim III (Personality Jock)” by Fatback Band. This foray into pause tapes started with a thoughtful gift from his dad, long before a vocation in music was even a thought in his mind. “It wasn’t a career,” he says. “It was my father bought me a radio that has a pause button on it. A Marantz Superscope, and it was one of those pause buttons when you clicked it – it made a click sound so it was on beat. It was a nice box with a good pause button.”

The pause button also helped artists create megamixes and DJ-style mixtapes, while those with more advanced set-ups used a 4-track recorder or an overdubbing feature on their cassette deck to layer loops. Layering wasn’t for the faint of heart, as it was extremely difficult to get samples to match in terms of tempo and tune, while repeated dubbing lead to tape hiss. But this didn’t deter Marley Marl collaborator and Redef Records artist K-Def, who made early pause tapes with a Lasonic boombox and graduated to loop compositions with a Tascam 4-track. “I was so good with the pauses that I would actually record three of the tracks and then bounce ’em over to one track,” he says. “And then I would start pause mixing again.”

K-Def believes pause-tapes helped inform much-needed skills like editing, time stretching and pitch shifting once he had access to proper samplers. “Most people now, they just want to make a beat, they don’t understand audio editing,” he says. “And that’s a very intricate part of hip-hop. If you don’t truncate your samples right and tight, the beat will sound sloppy. That came from pause buttons. You had to be on time with it.”

The endless examples of innovation and lessons taught by pause tapes seem to know no bounds. The late J Dilla is said to have taken apart and altered his tape deck so he could further extend samples. Meanwhile, Soul Council member and Grammy-nominated producer Khrysis taught himself how to filter basslines inspired by Pete Rock, Q-Tip and Wu-Tang by adjusting the tone knob on his boombox as a teenager in the mid-’90s. “Just keep going back and forth until I got a good little frequency,” he says. “I started getting fancy where it was like songs in the ’90s, you would have your high pass and low pass.”

In addition to serving as a training ground for many storied DJs and beatmakers, pause tape production played an important role in the first 15 years of recorded rap music. One of the earliest successful examples of a pause tape on record is the 1980 Bozo Meko Records release “Flash It To The Beat / Fusion Beats (Vol .2).” A bootleg party single that has seen many re-releases over the years, “Fusion Beats (Vol .2)” quickly became the in-demand song on the record at block parties and clubs due to the way it extended breaks from James Brown’s “Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved,” the Mohawks’ “The Champ” and Dyke and the Blazers “Let A Woman Be A Woman And A Man Be A Man.” According to the song’s creator, Afrika Islam, the entire track was composed on his cassette deck in his bedroom.

As pause looping thrived in and around New York City, it also took off all over the United States. Orlando DJ and bass music icon Magic Mike started making entire mixtapes of pause edits and mixes on his boombox in 1981. He worked his way into a radio DJ slot at age 13 on the strength of his demos, later earning a New York City club residency before his 18th birthday. Even Houston legend Pimp C of UGK, whose skills as a producer are often overlooked, mentioned making pause tapes in a 2007 interview with Red Bull Music Academy contributor Andrew Noz.
To think that people in New York City, Orlando, Port Arthur, Texas, and cities all over the United States were making pause tapes in the early ’80s unbeknownst to one another points to a form of collective consciousness taking place during the very early years of rap music and beyond. 2010 Red Bull Big Tune champion 14KT described the phenomenon beautifully in a 2015 Facebook post: “I thought I was a weirdo because I didn’t know anyone in Ypsilanti around me who made pause tapes like me when I was young. It was like I got chosen and summoned from aliens. Little did I know, it was an unspoken language across the world.”

El Maryacho-produced remix…

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New music off the ‘Cannibal Hulk’ album

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Mini-doc produced by James ‘Kraze’ Billings. How many of ya’ll remember Ill & Al Skratch? Let this refresh your memories…

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Always loved this Planet Asia-featured instrumental. From Dirty Diggs’ Stash Box...

Griselda continues their run of good music, this time with a cut off Benny The Butcher’s ‘Tana Talk 3’ in video format…

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A few videos off cuts I played on my April Mix

C Keys & Kazi – Barbury ‘Em:

Nolan The Ninja Ft. Jaye Prime – Oranges:

Ill Bill & Stu Bangas Ft. Vinnie Paz – Russo’s On Bay:

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A Roderick Jayne remix off the “Classic Funk/Jazz Remixes” project

From the upcoming “This Love” album

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A lotta new music on this mixed in with some Nipsey tributes from Agallah, KXNG Crooked and a DJaytiger ‘Large Pro’ remix featuring Crenshaw’s finest…

agallah ft. takia voice – no one is promised tomorrow
flee lord ft. manny lord – gets greater later
kxng crooked – more love
knowledge the pirate – science born
nick grant ft. westside gunn – price tag
agallah & dirty diggs – olive branch
awon – easy on yourself
ill bill & stu bangas ft. vinnie paz – russo’s on bay
large professor ft. nipsey russell,joell ortiz,rockness – stomp
med & guilty simpson – unpredictable
dj muggs & mach hommy ft. your old droog & god fahim – mami wata
blu & oh no – do the crime
the doppelgangas – coffin nails
fatt father ft. jypsy & ketch p – next up
dj muggs & mach hommy ft. fahim – kouign amann
c keyz & kazi – barbury ’em
large pro ft. joell ortiz & big noyd – night in my p’s
nolan the ninja ft. jaye prime – oranges
napoleon da legend – bullied

A few words from The Groove Supplier on this record

You either hate it or you love it but personally I think Dan Hartman’s ‘Relight My Fire’ is one of the best disco pieces ever made. The piano, the strings, a stunning pre-chorus and that incredible breakdown with Loleatta entering with so much power!

Besides making it DJ friendly (intro + outro) and building things up in the beginning of my edit I also took a little latin excursion with Loleatta ;-). I hope you appreciate with I did there!

This is also my first mastered edit. Thanks to Richard Earnshaw.

Keep groovin,


Some demo action from Milano who was going by the Ambush name at the time. Produced by Showbiz…

Heads up to my NYC brethren…

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The cloak duo are back with some brand new heat

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Off of Alc’s ‘Rapper’s Best Friend 5’ instrumental series…

The latest soul-drenched musical affair from Lee Fields & crew

Rest peacefully, Nipsey

Not gonna lie & front like I was a super fan of Nipsey, but rest in peace to the brother who was doing good things for his community…

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AG making a case for the flat-earth theory, off the Bronck’s Kill project

Nack catches a body on this track…

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Keeping it on the verse-less tip today, here are two Planit Hank instrumental cuts that was featured (w/ verses) on my March Mixtape